The design and re-conceptualization of this Private Retreat Villa dedicated for retreats and other activities was created during the first half of 2022 in the north of Ibiza.

“The brief was clear and to the point. The timeline was challenging but not impossible. Our first goal was to respect the past of the building, bring it back to its original shape removing ornamental add-ons that had accumulated from several past owners as well as «rounding» some edges to make it more rustic.  We focused on texture and natural materials to give the owners the vibe and coziness they were looking for. The rest slowly unfolded as we usually practice a combination of recycling/up-cycling with sourcing energetic charged objects to conceptualize into Magic Totalism (where the combination of disconnected items is what gives the space a «feeling» and a unique narrative).
Co-creating with the owners of S´Ermita was fun, we encountered many parallel likes and dislikes so the flow went smoothly to make this process enjoyable”.

Photographs by María Santos Photography

AD Studio