What Makes a Successful Board Member?

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Successful board members are dedicated to the goals of the company as well as its clients and its shareholders. They are committed to attending meetings and actively participate in discussions. They are well-versed in the business model, policies and procedures of their company. They stay abreast of the latest developments in their field and industry trends to ensure that they can make informed contributions.

They are confident and able to manage their egos as part of a team. They are aware of how their actions affect other board members as well as the executive team. They can help prevent conflict and tension within the team. This can lead to a deficiency of effective work or the total boycott of board meetings. They are able to ask powerful questions that will get to the heart of an issue and prevent groupthink.

Strong board members are knowledgeable in their field and are able to offer new and relevant insights with the rest of the board. They can position themselves as an executive mentor and serve as a spokesman for sensitive topics. They also have a knack for building relationships that extend beyond the boardroom and connecting their fellow colleagues to new connections.

They are aware of their responsibility and strive to fulfill it. They are alert for problems – financial, management or personnel issues and take action to address problems before they get worse. They also understand that their job is to be an advisor to the CEO, assisting them to find ways to achieve their goals and maximise opportunities.