How to Take Board Meeting Minutes


The minutes of board meetings are a formal record of the decisions, issues and discussions that occurred during the board of directors’ meeting. They make sure that everyone is aware of what took place, who spoke and how the vote was taken. They can also serve as an official document for future reference.

It is not mandatory, but having an official on the board who is committed to the task can make it easier for them to record and publish minutes. They can pay attention to the discussion without interfering. Furthermore, having a dedicated note-taker at each meeting can provide a more regular, organized method of conducting the meeting. Audio recordings can also be used to address any discrepancies in the minutes and also to record what transpired during the meeting.

The first step of the process of taking minutes of meetings is to verify that there was a quorum at the meeting. This is done by checking the list of attendees against the board’s membership records to see who was capable of attending. If a quorum has not been attained, then the chair may decide to adjourn or postpone the topic for later consideration.

It is sufficient to note any materials that were addressed during the meeting but not to provide the complete description. A better approach is to house all materials from the meeting in a secure, board portal with solutions like Boardable. The presentations and other documents are easily accessible whenever needed. This can be especially helpful for board members who are new to the position or those who have missed the meeting.