Board Management Software for Nonprofits

Board management software (also known as board portals) is a tool that can be used digitally for boards of directors and their administrative staff to help them organize meetings and distribute and edit documents and communicate key points, reducing the need for paper and enhancing productivity and governance. Board governance software offers numerous options, including online meeting management document archiving, the ability to eSignature, and much more. This is an excellent solution for nonprofits who want to increase efficiency and save time and money.

Streamline your meetings with tools like video conferencing integrations and online private workrooms, so that your team can discuss the agenda items prior to the time. Streamlined meetings enable members to spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time discussing issues.

Improve accountability through important governance features such as e-signature capabilities, task tracking, and more to ensure that your board members can easily sign off on documents during or after a meeting, or outside of the meeting room. This ensures that the board’s agreed decisions are properly documented and helps to increase transparency and accountability.

Control permissions for sharing information at a more granular level to ensure that committees can access information relevant to their duties and the board can centrally monitor all discussions and materials. This is important for nonprofits which must comply with federal regulations description to continue to receive funding from their government partners.